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$20 Liberty Gold MS-65 Quality

Thanks in part to their high gold content of almost a full ounce (.9675-oz), $20 U.S. Gold Coins struck prior to 1933 have proven consistently popular not only for coin enthusiasts but for gold investors who started out just buying bullion bars and coins.

The $20 Liberty (1850 – 1907) gains even more demand for its greater age and considerably smaller supply compared to post-1907 coins making them an ideal option for every Diversified Gold & Silver Portfolio to gain the key advantages of Pre-1933 U.S. Gold:
• Excellent value - trading near cyclical lows
• Superior privacy and safety from confiscation
• Improves balance, diversity, and upside potential

To maximize this potential, we emphasize Investment-Grade Pre-1933 Gold Coins which focuses on high quality “Mint State” (or “MS”) coins in grades from MS-63 to MS-66 (60 and higher is uncirculated) as certified by NGC and PCGS, the only two trusted third-party grading companies.

MS-65 and up is known as “gem-quality” and is reserved for coins of truly outstanding eye-appeal. Only a fraction of Pre-1933 coins qualify as gem-quality and MS-65 $20 Liberties are over 30 times rarer than their MS-63 counterparts. So, the moderately higher price-point provides an unmatched combination of gold weight, quality, and small supply creating the perfect addition to a foundation in gold bullion.

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Note: We handpick coins with the finest eye appeal for the assigned grade. The coin pictured above is not the specific coin that will be received.

Date & mintmark: Investment-Grade Pre-1933 Gold Coins are sold by denomination and grade with no specific date or mint-mark. Orders are filled with coins from the late 1890’s to early 1900’s. If you’re looking for a specific year or mintmark, we can help. Give us a call at 1-(833) 201-7166.

Weight: .9675-oz.

Purity: 22-kt. / .900-fine gold

Grade: MS-65. Our choice of PCGS or NGC. If you have a preference, please call us.

Denomination: $20. Also known as “Double-Eagles”.

Obverse design: Lady Liberty wearing a crown inscribed with "Liberty." Date of mintage at bottom.

Reverse design: Heraldic Eagle design modeled after the Great Seal of the United States. "United States of America" at top and face value at bottom.