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Athenian Owl Full Crest Silver Tetradrachm NGC AU Star

Ranked as #10 out of the 100 Greatest Ancient Coins, the 2,450-year-old Athenian Silver Owl is an impressive ancient coin with a remarkable history. The Owl could be found in every marketplace in the Meditteranean and beyond back then, and today they survive as a testament to the glory of the city of Athens.

Until our Buying Trust acquired this most recent group, owls of this quality brought double what we're asking for them today. We believe once these are absorbed by the marketplace, prices will quickly recover to normal (higher) levels. This particular owl has an enormous amount of character and eye appeal, along with the coveted Star designation AND the full crest, which only 1.3% of all certified owls possess. Great coin for the money.

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Weighing over 17 grams of pure silver and struck on a thick flan, Attica Silver Owls are impressive coins. The obverse depicts the goddess Athena and the reverse depicts a lifelike owl, her totem bird, underneath a crescent moon and olive branch. The letters "AOE" are to the right, the first three letters of the city's name. This coin is certified by NGC Ancients to be in About Uncirculated condition.