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Lydia Gold Heavy Stater 561-546 BC XF NGC

Coinage first started around 650 B.C. and a hundred years later, King Croesus of Lydia issued the first series of gold and silver coinage, struck in different sizes implying different monetary values.

This particular coin is the largest, referred to as a full stater. This is an incredibly rare, museum-quality coin in any condition and its importance cannot be overstated. In addition, this is referred to as the "Heavy" version, implying the older design and heavier gold content.

This is listed in the 100 Greatest Ancient coins and we believe these to be undervalued at current price levels, particularly when compared to US Coinage. Remember, these are 2,600 years old.

The obverse depicts a lion and bull, thought to imply strength and virility. The reverse shows an incuse punch that occurred when the coin was struck so long ago. This is an amazing piece of human monetary history in all regards.

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Lydia, Croesus, Gold Heavy Stater 561-546 BC, NGC, Extremely Fine